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This cash flow is a simple purchase of a lease contract from AutoPlus Financial. AutoPlus collects all the payments and guarantees payment to you until the lease either expires or terminates early in the case of the consumer defaulting on the lease. The payments as outlined in your amortization schedule are sent to you each month. If the lease terminates early, the payoff on your cash flow is paid in full. If the lease goes to term the payoff is paid in full. If the lease defaults you can either take an early payoff in full or we can re-lease the car and your payments are not interrupted. The lease receivable you are buying is guaranteed by AutoPlus, the selling car dealer and the consumer(s).

This is a simple plan where you buy the receivable and your purchase price plus the profit as outlined in the amortization schedule is paid in 36 months or less.

For a list of available leases go to or click here.